A blog is able to touch a life!

“My blog and I”

Eversince life was found on this earth, living things have always been able to connect and communicate; whether with the universe, with nature, with the environment, with  animals, with plants, with other individuals or even with themselves! No one can ever live without connecting or communicating. All of us have something to say about anything  at any possible time, to the extent that sometimes we find ourselves, sitting  alone, talking with our inner soul, discussing and arguing about an idea as if we are not one single entity.. as if we are more than one being!

Over the years, the need to connect and communicate grew bigger, and given the exponential evolution of  technological facilities, global communication became a must!

When I was first introduced to blogging, I saw it as a mean  to write your diary publically, and I did not like it! I thought it was invading my private life and my privacy. However, that idea was completely wrong! why? because I was not really told the benefits of Blogging!

In a internship program delivered in 2011, the CEO of Quick Refresh Company, Mr. Samer Chidiac  was introducing blogs as strategic means of marketing and doing good business! He tackled some examples that could change my whole perspective about Blogging.  So I created this blog and tried to use it in my teaching career, and the consequences were marvelous!

As my students were highly active on Facebook, I started write the blogs and link them to either my personal profile on Facebook or to the groups that I manage for each class I teach. At first, students were reluctant about reading the posts because their accessibility to internet was limited by the computers they have at home. However, during the last 2 years, the blog was able to reach almost every student I teach. All students now have their Smart Phones and non-stop internet access through them.

Sometimes, I even send the web address of the blog post by Whatsapp as a broadcast to the whole class and they would be able to see and read the blog posts!

That encouraged me to blog in the Hot Topics of Microsoft Educator Network after winning in the Global Forum of Microsoft Innovative Educators in 2012 and  I continued as an active blogger  who received a certificate of appreciation for my efforts.

Below you find the blogs I posted in the hot topics of www.pil-network.com, the  Microsoft Educator Network:

– “ Whenever I step into my school, I feel home”  : http://www.pil-network.com/hottopics/buildingteachercapacity/appreciation

–  “ I finally discovered what is more important than teaching!” : http://www.pil-network.com/HotTopics/buildingteachercapacity/whatismoreimportantthanteaching

–  “ 3 Golden Tips for a better “Knowledge Construction”! : http://www.pil-network.com/HotTopics/project-based-learning/knowledgeconstruction

– “ The Warak Warak Method: A Good Education in just THREE EASY STEPS!” : http://www.pil-network.com/HotTopics/project-based-learning/warak-warak-method 


These blogs could convey more messages that I could imagine, they could connect me with other educators around the world and they could motivate me to open up to a whole new world and improve my self, my career and  even touch lives!

Blogs are not  limited posts! They are a way to open up and evolve! As I go through the statistics of my WordPress blog, I am always amazed by who reads my blogs, and from where they view them.

Blogs can be more than posts of your ideas, blogs can be your intellectual ambassador to the world.

Have a great day dear bloggers,

All the best,

Youssr Chediac

Microsoft Expert Educator


Examples on how we used e-evaluation in “The Warak Warak Method” classes

To evaluate the “teaching – learning” process is a major key to success because it helps both  the teacher and the student to know exactly what to do next to excel!

In “the Warak Warak Method” classes, simple technological tools are always the target to meet our learning objectives.

In the following examples, I will show you  how I used MS Power Point, MS Excel, One Drive and Slideshare to make a quick evaluation for different purposes.

Example One:

Project-based learning is one way to motivate my students in class. In order to do a good project, students must have the success points in advance. This way, they will be able to evaluate their work and revise it before final submission.

One day, I tried to change in the way I give the students instructions for their projects.

I used a simple Power Point, included in it all the instructions needed along with the grading system and rubric embedded.  Then, I shared the PPT on Slideshare after creating an account. Then, I posted the link on Facebook to make it accessible to all the targeted students.

Here is the link of the PPT on Slideshare:  http://www.slideshare.net/WarakWarakMethod/biology-groupwork-homework

Students then followed the clear instructions online which helped them to check the rubric and grading system whenever they needed by just being a click away!

And I must admit that their final outcome was amazing!


Grade 11 A_AutoCollage_7_Images


Example Two:

When our students were preparing for a science project about  “Protein supplements and body building”, they wanted to make a survey in order to collect information from their school students in an easy and organized manner to analyze the data and find out the misconceptions their peers have about the topic.

So they used the Excel Survey on OneDrive. This tool helps to create an online survey and the collected data will be automatically organized in an excel worksheet ready to be analyzed.

The link of the survey they created and shared online was the following: http://sdrv.ms/1b7z3hd 

Students started to share the link through Facebook and Whatsapp to their peers. They could collect data from around 100 students in no time.

Afterwards, students used MS Excel to organize the data into tables and graphs  that made their analysis a piece of cake.

Excel graphstables


Using these simple tools students could highlight the misconceptions that their peers have regarding protein supplements and bodybuilding.

The conclusions drew out from their surveys helped them prepare an awareness campaign about the topic.

The below screenshots show the brochure they prepared using MS Publisher and  which they distributed as part of the campaign.

                                                                                           brochure 1brochure 2


Last but not least, it does not need sophisticated tools to make things easier and enjoyable, it just necessitates to use the right tools in the right manner.


All the Best,

Youssr Chediac

Microsoft Expert Educator

Using “www.Text2mindmap.com” in Biology class

Students in Grade 12 Life Science section always face difficulties while retaining the key terms and main ideas of the Immunity unit in Biology class.

Although they infer the relationships between the immunological key terms through interpreting and analyzing different experiments, students spend more effort linking all these ideas together.

I introduced a simple online application to help them organize their thoughts and test their knowledge in a fun and quick way!


The Activity

After finishing the explanation of the unit, students were asked the following:

1- Explore the following application site: “www.text2mindmap.com”.

2- Choose a chapter. Pick out the main key terms that you feel are closely related.

3- On a paper, draw a draft of a concept map relating all the chosen key terms.

4- Use the online application to draw the final concept map.

5- Use the options to change the size, color and location of the map element as you please.

6- Remember to use a big letter size to make your work readable.

7- Once you finish, download your map as a picture and send it to my Facebook account as a private message.

8- You will receive feedback to improve your map and then it will be published online so that other students can benefit.

9- Note that you can use Microsoft Paint to add photos and illustrations to make your map rich!


The Results

Students enjoyed the activity and there were many good feedbacks.Here you are some of the top mind-maps submitted:

K3 Done by : Kawthar Dareer

ali 2

Done by: Ali Omar


R3Done by : Rabab Ghanem

A video will be uploaded soon summarizing the feedback of students after doing this activity.

Thank you Grade 12 LS students (promotion 2014) from Gebran Andrawos Tweini Public School to participate in this activity.

Hey Teachers try it in your class and see how much your students will be motivated because it is simple and highly beneficial!


Best Regards,

Youssr Chediac

2013 in review… THANKs to YOU :)

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 12,000 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 4 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

Happy New Year Everybody in the whole world……..

All my wishes for you to have a successful glorious and victorious year 2014 🙂

Youssr 🙂

Microsoft Partners in Learning celebrates the world’s most innovative educators and school leaders for bringing technology to life in the classroom and impacting millions of students.

Microsoft Partners in Learning hosts national and regional events throughout the year that recognize innovative educators and school leaders. These competitions culminate in the Partners in Learning Global Forum.

This year’s Global Forum will took place in Prague, Czech Republic from November 28 – December 1, 2012. The Global Forum brought together more than 500 of the most innovative teachers, school leaders, education leaders, and government officials from 75 countries.

On December 1, 2012, at Prague Castle, Partners in Learning announced the teachers and learning activities that won best practices awards at the Global Forum.

All of the learning activities were reviewed by an international panel of educators using a 21st century skills rubric.


1. US – Doing business in Birmingham, Pauline Roberts and Rick Joseph
2. Singapore – Impactful Online Service Learning, Chen Siyun
3. Germany – Creating Fairytale-Radioplays, Holger Fröhlich

Knowledge building and critical thinking
1. Northern Ireland – Infinity Architecture, David Allan Young
2. Malaysia – The Journalist, Zamimah Binti Azaman
3.Lebanon – The Warak Warak Method, Youssr CHEDIAC


Beyond the classroom
1. Jordan – Glimmer of Hope, Ghadeer Obiedat and Rania Obiedat
2. Canada – little hands big world, Devon Caldwell & Leah Obach
3. Brazil – Ecoweb, Margarida Telles da Cruz
3. UK – The Hit Squad, Katie Boothman

Cutting edge use of ICT
1. UK – Kodu in The Klassroom, Nicki Maddams
2. US, “LYNC”ing Distance Learning Math Classes to Blind and Visually Impaired Students, Robin Lowell and Sherry Hah
3. Australia – Playing. Designing. Learning. Using Games and Project-Based Learning to Develop Creative, Innovative and Independent Learners, Alice Leung

Teacher as a change agent
1. Pakistan – Aqua Crunch, Munazza Riaz Butt
2. Nigeria – Rescue Mission, Ayodele Odeogbola
3. Cyprus – Online and Community-Based Research on Recycling Practices, Maria Loizou Raouna

Educators Choice:
1. Portugal – Oratio Classroom, João Carlos Ramalheiro
2. Macedonia – Fun, Education, Stop Motion Animation, Darko Taleski , Sofija Grabulovksa
3. US – What’s up Egypt, Todd LaVogue

Please join us in congratulating all our school leaders and teachers who attended the event this year and who are making a difference in their student’s lives and communities around the world every day.

For more information: Follow the link please : http://www.pil-network.com/Discussion/2183af04-5f23-49c1-8c49-c3063eaca1f8

Best Regards,

Microsoft Innovative Educator,

Youssr CHEDIAC Smile

The “Warak Warak Method” wins in Microsoft Partners in Learning I MEA and Africa Forum 2012

The Middle East and Africa Forum 2012 is a gathering of Educators, school representatives and education officials focusing on learning, sharing and presenting experiences in transforming education through technology. It aims at discussing, with education officials: the barriers and issues related to education reform and how adopting national ICT education strategies can be an enabler of better learning outcomes matching the economic challenges of the 21st Century. Integrating 21st century technology into Innovative teaching and learning, 1:1 computing as well as country capacity building are main discussion pillars.

The event was held this year in Marrakesh and had around 200 participants (teachers, school representatives, education experts and press) from more than 25 countries.

Youssr Chediac presented the “Warak Warak Method” at this forum and  was selected as a winner in the category of “ Innovation in Teaching and Learning”.


It was the only project selected from Lebanon along with other projects from 15 different countries of MEA and Africa to participate in the Global Forum taking place in Prague at the end of November 2012.


So that good education follows students everywhere Smile

The Warak Warak Method



Some of us freak out when the summer vacation reaches its end, many of us become stressed out just to think that in few days a whole new boring academic year is heading our way!!! But few of us cherish this moment and wait for it impatiently!! and don’t be surprised if I tell you that I am one of these few. You would automatically ask yourself “ is she NUTS???” well no…. and I will tell you the secret!

We can give anything a value by the rituals we create to frame the event in order to highlight it . Here are the top 5 to dos to feel enthusiastic about the coming academic year and kick the stress far away:

1- Anything new carries with it surprises, and we get what we expect:  so let us expect that this year is going to be definitely special and…

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