How to Prepare Yourself to Have a FRESH Academic Year to come!


Some of us freak out when the summer vacation reaches its end, many of us become stressed out just to think that in few days a whole new boring academic year is heading our way!!! But few of us cherish this moment and wait for it impatiently!! and don’t be surprised if I tell you that I am one of these few. You would automatically ask yourself “ is she NUTS???” well no…. and I will tell you the secret!

We can give anything a value by the rituals we create to frame the event in order to highlight it . Here are the top 5 to dos to feel enthusiastic about the coming academic year and kick the stress far away:

1- Anything new carries with it surprises, and we get what we expect:  so let us expect that this year is going to be definitely special and very interesting. Having this idea in head and trying to implement it in our subconscious, we will have the necessary motivation to feel light and able to make a change.

2- Everything that is newly owned brings happiness to the heart: Start by making a list of the materials you will need in school ( bag, pencil case, pens, copybooks, ….) and then GOOOOO SHOPPING while trying to enjoy it at max. Pamper yourself, spend time picking up the materials, dive into the details, carefully choose the color, the quality, the design and try to let all of them match your personality by customizing their theme. Once you have them all new, and upgraded to your taste, display them in your room and enjoy their beauty!

3- What about the first day at school? After the summer vacation, we do change: We grow, we feel more at ease, and above all we miss our friends and classmates. How about we surprise them with a new look? Starting the year with a change in our looks paves the path to a deeper change in our character. Thinking about this exotic change in our looks will break the ice and initiate a new energetic luster to start our school days with a big smile.

4- A new class means new teachers and a whole new package: Let us hope that the teachers we love return to take over our classrooms and ourselves! Let us dream to get to know new enthusiastic knowledgeable  teachers who will add something special to our mind and soul. Let us investigate about the teachers we expect to have, and the subjects we are supposed to study and find some connections between them and our interests. Let us start thinking about the extracurricular activities we can do in this new class and feel excited about implementing new up-to-date ideas.

5- Last but not least, remind yourself of how much blessed you are: to be able to have the chance to start a new academic year and grasp new materials, shape your personality and gain new skills that will evolve your potentials and give you the opportunity to become a productive individual in  a highly changing world.

So .. hey… what are you waiting for ?? still stressed out ??? No need to… it is just a year that is waiting for you to be started FRESH and RIGHT!

Best Regards,

Yusser CHIDIAC 🙂

3 responses to “How to Prepare Yourself to Have a FRESH Academic Year to come!

  1. nice yasoura
    it seems that ur internet skills have been developed very well
    going to miss u ya 3asal

  2. Thank you dear… I m gonna miss working with you 🙂

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