Steps to Make Studying Biology a Piece of Cake!

Biology is an interesting subject, it lets us dwell in the treasures of the diversified living  world around us and inside our bodies. It lets us discover mysteries about what keeps our heart beating, our mind expanding and our  species evolving. It lets us believe in the endless power of that tiny cell that makes us and every living organism special and unique in every possible way!

At one time, many of us have encountered obstacles while studying this subject especially that the material encloses lots of complicated key terms, detailed information, and a bunch of experiments to be analyzed! Skills of scientific reasoning play an important role in the understanding of the mechanisms and the phenomena in the living world.

What should we do to master the topic? How  should we organize our brain to grasp as much information as we need and want? Why can’t we perform better when studying for a longer time than usual? Answering these questions and more along with trying to find out the best way to study effectively, will surely motivate us to STUDY BIOLOGY while enjoying it!!!!


Here you are some answers and tips:

1. It all begins with taking good notes on your copybook (good handwriting, good organization, highlighting important notes…..)

2. On daily bases, review your notes, re-organize them neatly and then try to match their information with the book’s info.

3. Every weekend review the lessons discussed in class and try to reformulate the information in your own way, summarize them on a small copybook (write down the key terms, the golden statements, the meanings and the definition of difficult words, the important instructions…..) or even tell stories about them to friends and family!

4. Before an exam, test or quiz, take your time to prepare yourself for studying…. You should NEVER study for any exam the night before; instead, you should be reviewing what you have studied earlier!!! It is not how much time you spend studying that counts, it is how effectively the way you are studying that really makes the difference!

5. While studying  GENETIC exercises, try to resolve every exercise on a scratch paper (start by writing the given first) then after you finish open the answer key and correct your work  by exploring  why you made such mistakes.

6. When analyzing, interpreting an experiment, take your time identifying the variables, understanding the relations between them, and when you move to writing the answer, try to use adequate terms and correct English for best expression of your ideas.

7. Try not to repeat your mistakes. You are allowed to make new mistakes every time (while solving the homework, while studying, during the class work). However, try to pay attention to MINIMIZE your mistakes during EXAMS.

8. The day of the exam, wake up early and try to be cool, wear something new, comfortable shoes, and review your key notes on your small copybook…. Convince yourself that you have done your best in preparation, and that you are going to CONCENTRATE while reading the questions and answering specifically to the question without losing time writing down unneeded or out topic information.

Above all, try to love the material and feel its importance and magic in your life, once we love something, we will be able to make huge efforts to present it in the best way ever.

And now, are you ready to attack your first biology exam  this year  dear students????

Best GREEN regards,

Yusser CHIDIAC  🙂


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