Role and Components of the Immune Response

The questions below will help you assess your knowledge about the basics of the Immune System… ENJOY finding the answers!!

Note: Two of the following items are not questions, they are hints to be kept in mind  Smile

1- Describe the characteristics of the genes, alleles and molecule types of the MHC or HLA molecules .

2- Define: Autograft, Isograft, Allograft and Xenograft.

3- Explain how the body decides to accept a graft (vascularization appears around it) or to reject it (redness-edema-black-dry).

4- State the types and location of Agglutinins  and the Agglutinogens found in each blood group of the human ABO system.


5- Define agglutination and specify its importance in blood grouping.


6- Note that for a blood transfusion to be successful or compatible, the recipient’s antibodies should not agglutinate with the donor’s antigens.


7- Compare the ABO system and the Rhesus System.


8- Is it possible to determine the blood group of a person by identifying his serum agglutinins? Justify.

9- Define antigen and list its different types.


10-Define pathogenic agents and give some examples.

11-Realize that the immune system can not differentiate between harmful and harmless substances; it only recognizes and fights the non self in healthy individuals.

12-Describe the formation of a modified self which is then attacked by the body’s immune system.

13-Differentiate between the different leukocytes populations and state their characteristics and role.


14-Name the primary lymphoid organs and the secondary lymphoid organs, then state the role of each.


15-Describe the steps of the maturation of (B and T) lymphocytes, and then state its importance.

16-State the structural and functional characteristics of Immunoglobulins(antibodies).


17-What is the significance of the constant and variable regions of an antibody?

18-Define antigen determinant or epitope, cross reaction, Immune complex and agglutination.

19- Explain how a B lymphocyte, TH lymphocyte, and TC lymphocyte recognize antigens or antigenic peptide.

Microbiology cartoon2

Best Healthy Regards,

Yusser CHIDIAC Smile


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