Using “” in Biology class

Students in Grade 12 Life Science section always face difficulties while retaining the key terms and main ideas of the Immunity unit in Biology class.

Although they infer the relationships between the immunological key terms through interpreting and analyzing different experiments, students spend more effort linking all these ideas together.

I introduced a simple online application to help them organize their thoughts and test their knowledge in a fun and quick way!


The Activity

After finishing the explanation of the unit, students were asked the following:

1- Explore the following application site: “”.

2- Choose a chapter. Pick out the main key terms that you feel are closely related.

3- On a paper, draw a draft of a concept map relating all the chosen key terms.

4- Use the online application to draw the final concept map.

5- Use the options to change the size, color and location of the map element as you please.

6- Remember to use a big letter size to make your work readable.

7- Once you finish, download your map as a picture and send it to my Facebook account as a private message.

8- You will receive feedback to improve your map and then it will be published online so that other students can benefit.

9- Note that you can use Microsoft Paint to add photos and illustrations to make your map rich!


The Results

Students enjoyed the activity and there were many good feedbacks.Here you are some of the top mind-maps submitted:

K3 Done by : Kawthar Dareer

ali 2

Done by: Ali Omar


R3Done by : Rabab Ghanem

A video will be uploaded soon summarizing the feedback of students after doing this activity.

Thank you Grade 12 LS students (promotion 2014) from Gebran Andrawos Tweini Public School to participate in this activity.

Hey Teachers try it in your class and see how much your students will be motivated because it is simple and highly beneficial!


Best Regards,

Youssr Chediac


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