Examples on how we used e-evaluation in “The Warak Warak Method” classes

To evaluate the “teaching – learning” process is a major key to success because it helps both  the teacher and the student to know exactly what to do next to excel!

In “the Warak Warak Method” classes, simple technological tools are always the target to meet our learning objectives.

In the following examples, I will show you  how I used MS Power Point, MS Excel, One Drive and Slideshare to make a quick evaluation for different purposes.

Example One:

Project-based learning is one way to motivate my students in class. In order to do a good project, students must have the success points in advance. This way, they will be able to evaluate their work and revise it before final submission.

One day, I tried to change in the way I give the students instructions for their projects.

I used a simple Power Point, included in it all the instructions needed along with the grading system and rubric embedded.  Then, I shared the PPT on Slideshare after creating an account. Then, I posted the link on Facebook to make it accessible to all the targeted students.

Here is the link of the PPT on Slideshare:  http://www.slideshare.net/WarakWarakMethod/biology-groupwork-homework

Students then followed the clear instructions online which helped them to check the rubric and grading system whenever they needed by just being a click away!

And I must admit that their final outcome was amazing!


Grade 11 A_AutoCollage_7_Images


Example Two:

When our students were preparing for a science project about  “Protein supplements and body building”, they wanted to make a survey in order to collect information from their school students in an easy and organized manner to analyze the data and find out the misconceptions their peers have about the topic.

So they used the Excel Survey on OneDrive. This tool helps to create an online survey and the collected data will be automatically organized in an excel worksheet ready to be analyzed.

The link of the survey they created and shared online was the following: http://sdrv.ms/1b7z3hd 

Students started to share the link through Facebook and Whatsapp to their peers. They could collect data from around 100 students in no time.

Afterwards, students used MS Excel to organize the data into tables and graphs  that made their analysis a piece of cake.

Excel graphstables


Using these simple tools students could highlight the misconceptions that their peers have regarding protein supplements and bodybuilding.

The conclusions drew out from their surveys helped them prepare an awareness campaign about the topic.

The below screenshots show the brochure they prepared using MS Publisher and  which they distributed as part of the campaign.

                                                                                           brochure 1brochure 2


Last but not least, it does not need sophisticated tools to make things easier and enjoyable, it just necessitates to use the right tools in the right manner.


All the Best,

Youssr Chediac

Microsoft Expert Educator


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