A blog is able to touch a life!

“My blog and I”

Eversince life was found on this earth, living things have always been able to connect and communicate; whether with the universe, with nature, with the environment, with  animals, with plants, with other individuals or even with themselves! No one can ever live without connecting or communicating. All of us have something to say about anything  at any possible time, to the extent that sometimes we find ourselves, sitting  alone, talking with our inner soul, discussing and arguing about an idea as if we are not one single entity.. as if we are more than one being!

Over the years, the need to connect and communicate grew bigger, and given the exponential evolution of  technological facilities, global communication became a must!

When I was first introduced to blogging, I saw it as a mean  to write your diary publically, and I did not like it! I thought it was invading my private life and my privacy. However, that idea was completely wrong! why? because I was not really told the benefits of Blogging!

In a internship program delivered in 2011, the CEO of Quick Refresh Company, Mr. Samer Chidiac  was introducing blogs as strategic means of marketing and doing good business! He tackled some examples that could change my whole perspective about Blogging.  So I created this blog and tried to use it in my teaching career, and the consequences were marvelous!

As my students were highly active on Facebook, I started write the blogs and link them to either my personal profile on Facebook or to the groups that I manage for each class I teach. At first, students were reluctant about reading the posts because their accessibility to internet was limited by the computers they have at home. However, during the last 2 years, the blog was able to reach almost every student I teach. All students now have their Smart Phones and non-stop internet access through them.

Sometimes, I even send the web address of the blog post by Whatsapp as a broadcast to the whole class and they would be able to see and read the blog posts!

That encouraged me to blog in the Hot Topics of Microsoft Educator Network after winning in the Global Forum of Microsoft Innovative Educators in 2012 and  I continued as an active blogger  who received a certificate of appreciation for my efforts.

Below you find the blogs I posted in the hot topics of www.pil-network.com, the  Microsoft Educator Network:

– “ Whenever I step into my school, I feel home”  : http://www.pil-network.com/hottopics/buildingteachercapacity/appreciation

–  “ I finally discovered what is more important than teaching!” : http://www.pil-network.com/HotTopics/buildingteachercapacity/whatismoreimportantthanteaching

–  “ 3 Golden Tips for a better “Knowledge Construction”! : http://www.pil-network.com/HotTopics/project-based-learning/knowledgeconstruction

– “ The Warak Warak Method: A Good Education in just THREE EASY STEPS!” : http://www.pil-network.com/HotTopics/project-based-learning/warak-warak-method 


These blogs could convey more messages that I could imagine, they could connect me with other educators around the world and they could motivate me to open up to a whole new world and improve my self, my career and  even touch lives!

Blogs are not  limited posts! They are a way to open up and evolve! As I go through the statistics of my WordPress blog, I am always amazed by who reads my blogs, and from where they view them.

Blogs can be more than posts of your ideas, blogs can be your intellectual ambassador to the world.

Have a great day dear bloggers,

All the best,

Youssr Chediac

Microsoft Expert Educator


One response to “A blog is able to touch a life!

  1. Thank you Yusser for mentioning me in your blog, it’s a great pleasure indeed!

    Blogging is an excellent way to communicate with others, and most importantly to leave a mark in the World Wide Web, as Blogs have a more life span than Social Networking posts.

    Keep up the great work!

    Warm regards,

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