Hello there!

This blog is just a voice that wants to reach out as many persons as it can get! There are so many things going on in our life, yet we still focus on what interests us and what makes us feel confortable discussing. Through this blog, I will be trying to reflect some simple ideas that can change your thinking in a way or another!

My focus will be you whether a student, a teacher or even any person! I will be tackling some academic issues, some environmental topics, and above all I will be trying to touch a spot in your life no matter how small it is, one day this tiny spot will shine and will turn out to be the seed to blossom into a bright journey towards your future.

Teachers and students will find biology topics presented in a simple interesting way, they will also find some key ideas to improve the ways of studying in addition to some motivational posts that will encourage them to give the best of them.

Enjoy the first step in my journey heading forward!

Sincerely yours,

Youssr CHEDIAC 🙂

Microsoft Expert Educator


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